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Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route Touring Display at National Taiwan Museum

6 February 2015

Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route exhibition was a joint initiative between the Museum and FORM, an independent arts organisation based in Perth, Western Australia. [ more ]


5 February 2015

The Australian Office wishes to express our sincerest condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the tragic TransAsia Airways plane crash in Taipei. We hope that those who were injured make a speedy recovery.


2015 Australia Day Speech “An Australian Journey” by Catherine Raper, Representative of the Australian Office 

29 January 2015

Full speech


16 December 2014

Thank you to those who have expressed sympathy and solidarity with Australia during the hostage event in Sydney yesterday. Today at the Australian Office, we are devastated for the families and friends of the two Australians who were killed. We are also very proud of the professional response of Australian law enforcement authorities, whose courage and bravery no doubt saved many more lives.


16 December 2014 

The Australian Representative seeks an experienced cook to prepare formal meals for entertaining and regular weekday evening meals at the Taipei Residence. Applicants must have experience of preparing formal Western and Asian meals for 10-12 people. Regular weekday hours are 12:30 to 20:30, with some flexibility in hours to cover formal entertaining as required. Duties to also include grocery shopping and some after school supervision of two older children. Good English skills are essential.

Interested applicants meeting the above criteria should apply with references to Personnel Officer on (02) 8725-4118 or

Closing date : COB Monday 5 January 2015 

Professor James Arvanitakis visited Taiwan

11 December 2014

Education collaboration is one of our most important areas of focus. As part of our efforts to promote an exchange of ideas in the education sector, last week we welcomed one of Australia’s best teachers, Professor James Arvanitakis, to Taiwan. [ more ]



Australian artist in residence Claire Bushby participates Open Studio event this weekend

11 November 2014

Australian artist in residence Claire Bushby will open her Taipei studio to the public this weekend from 2-6 pm at the Taipei Artist Village. [ more ]


Enjoy a taste of 2014 Melbourne Cup in Taipei

28 October 2014

If you will be in Taipei and want a taste of the Melbourne Cup atmosphere, the Australia and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Taipei is hosting a Melbourne Cup Charity Luncheon on 4 November. [ more ]


Dr Elizabeth Dalman presents Anger of the Earth at 2014 Tsai Jui-Yueh Dance Festival

27 October 2014

One of the pioneers of Australian modern dance and founder of the Australian Dance Theatre, Dr Elizabeth Dalman, will present her work Anger of the Earth at 2014 Tsai Jui-Yueh International Dance Festival. The festival will be held on 31 Oct – 2 Nov at Tsai Jui-Yueh Dance Research Institute and promises to delight audiences with a spectacular array of contemporary performances. [ more ]


Australian Office Statement

17 October 2014

The Australian Office informed Taiwan government authorities of the following information concerning five shipments of tallow imported by Namchow.

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture has investigated and has confirmed the five shipments that were the subject of Taiwan authorities’ enquiry met the requirements of the certificate agreed on 13 August 2014 with Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration for unrefined edible tallow (Declaration and Certificate for Shipments of Tallow for Further Processing). Should it have been a requirement at the time of export, the Department would have certified this product using this certificate. That is, they were suitable to export for use in food production.

The use of words “for Industry Use” need not connote a non-edible product as it may relate to use in the food or any other industry. This unfamiliar English usage may have given rise to some misunderstanding. “Industry Use” is not the same as “Industrial Use”.

We have told Taiwan Authorities that the Department of Agriculture understands that, in this case, the goods were not intended for industrial use. 


2014 Australia Future Unlimited Education Exhibition hits Taipei!

25 September 2014

This year’s Australian education exhibition will bring together more than 40 schools - including universities, vocational & private colleges, language institutes, primary and secondary schools – to provide the latest and first-hand information and consultancy services at the annual Australian Education Exhibition. [ more ]


“Harvey Fresh” Australian milk available in Taiwan!

24 September 2014

A new Australian product has recently hit the Taiwan market. “Harvey Fresh” full cream fresh milk is now available at 7-11 convenience stores, RT-Mart, A Mart, Carrefour and Welcome supermarkets in northern Taiwan (including Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsin-chu, Miao-li, and I-lan). [ more ]


Australian artist David Haines and curator Jasmin Stephens feature at 2014 Kuandu Biennale

24 September 2014

Australian artist David Haines and curator Jasmin Stephens will feature at this year’s Kuandu Biennale, which launches on 26 September. [ more


Australia, Here I come!

4 September 2014

Australian Representative in Taiwan Cathy Raper met with Ms Vera Hsu, Taiwanese winner of the Ultimate Gap Year Competition, to bid her farewell before she embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime year-long trip to Australia. [ more


Australia’s Williamson Architects take out third prize in Taiwan’s SHUTER International DreamWorks Architecture Competition

3 September 2014

Queensland-based Williamson Architects was recently awarded third prize in the SHUTER International DreamWorks Architecture Competition, organised by Taiwan’s SHUTER Enterprise, which manufactures stationery and furniture for the office and household for domestic and international market - including Australia. [ more ]


The Australian Centre on China in the World of the Australian National University (ANU) invites submission for “Taiwan-The View from the South” International Conference

29 August 2014

The Australian Centre on China in the World invites submissions for an international conference on all aspects of the study of Taiwan to take place on 6-8 January 2015. [ More ]




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