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Australian Office Statement

17 October 2014

The Australian Office informed Taiwan government authorities of the following information concerning five shipments of tallow imported by Namchow.

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture has investigated and has confirmed the five shipments that were the subject of Taiwan authorities’ enquiry met the requirements of the certificate agreed on 13 August 2014 with Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration for unrefined edible tallow (Declaration and Certificate for Shipments of Tallow for Further Processing). Should it have been a requirement at the time of export, the Department would have certified this product using this certificate. That is, they were suitable to export for use in food production.

The use of words “for Industry Use” need not connote a non-edible product as it may relate to use in the food or any other industry. This unfamiliar English usage may have given rise to some misunderstanding. “Industry Use” is not the same as “Industrial Use”.

We have told Taiwan Authorities that the Department of Agriculture understands that, in this case, the goods were not intended for industrial use. 

2014 Australia Future Unlimited Education Exhibition hits Taipei!

25 September 2014

This year’s Australian education exhibition will bring together more than 40 schools - including universities, vocational & private colleges, language institutes, primary and secondary schools – to provide the latest and first-hand information and consultancy services at the annual Australian Education Exhibition. [ more ]



“Harvey Fresh” Australian milk available in Taiwan!

24 September 2014

A new Australian product has recently hit the Taiwan market. “Harvey Fresh” full cream fresh milk is now available at 7-11 convenience stores, RT-Mart, A Mart, Carrefour and Welcome supermarkets in northern Taiwan (including Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsin-chu, Miao-li, and I-lan). [ more ]



Australian artist David Haines and curator Jasmin Stephens feature at 2014 Kuandu Biennale

24 September 2014

Australian artist David Haines and curator Jasmin Stephens will feature at this year’s Kuandu Biennale, which launches on 26 September. [ more ]



Australia, Here I come!

4 September 2014

Australian Representative in Taiwan Cathy Raper met with Ms Vera Hsu, Taiwanese winner of the Ultimate Gap Year Competition, to bid her farewell before she embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime year-long trip to Australia. [ more ]



Australia’s Williamson Architects take out third prize in Taiwan’s SHUTER International DreamWorks Architecture Competition

3 September 2014

Queensland-based Williamson Architects was recently awarded third prize in the SHUTER International DreamWorks Architecture Competition, organised by Taiwan’s SHUTER Enterprise, which manufactures stationery and furniture for the office and household for domestic and international market - including Australia. [ more ]



The Australian Centre on China in the World of the Australian National University (ANU) invites submission for “Taiwan-The View from the South” International Conference

29 August 2014

The Australian Centre on China in the World invites submissions for an international conference on all aspects of the study of Taiwan to take place on 6-8 January 2015. [ More ]



Australian artists Tanya Schultz and Buff Diss feature public artworks at the annual Very Fun Park Contemporary Art exhibition

27 August 2014

The 9th Very Fun Park exhibition, organised annually by Fubon Art Foundation, is taking place across the eastern part of Taipei City and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park until 14 September. [ More ]



Melbourne declared “world's most liveable city”, four Australian cities make the top ten

27 August 2014

Melbourne has retained its status as the world’s most liveable city for a fourth consecutive year. [ More ]


Taiwan-owned Synnex unveils A$45 million automated logistics centre in Western Sydney

21 August 2014

Synnex, a Taiwan-owned enterprise, has unveiled its A$45 million logistics centre which will add 100 new jobs in Australia and be able to handle thousands of items per day. [ More ]



The Representative of the Australian Office, Mr Kevin Magee, has sent letters to President Ma Ying-Jeou and Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu expressing profound condolences, on behalf of the people of Australia, to the family and loved ones of those who lost their lives in the recent deadly Kaohsiung explosions. [ more ]

6 August 2014


The Australian Office welcomes award-winning Australian A Cappella group “The Idea of North” kicks off Taipei Summer Jazz Festival at a free outdoor gig in the main plaza at the National Theatre & Concert Hall at 7:30pm this Friday

6 August 2014

“The Idea of North” was invited to perform for Taipei International Choral Festival in 2008, and is returning to Taiwan for Taipei Summer Jazz Festival performing at 7:30pm on (Fri) 8 Aug at the Main Plaza of National Theatre & Concert Hall in Taipei ( free outdoor performance). [ more ]


24 July 2014

The Representative of the Australian Office, Mr Kevin Magee, today wrote to President Ma Ying-Jeou expressing sincere condolences on behalf of the Australian government and the Australian people to the family and loved ones of those who lost their lives in the tragic plane crash in Penghu.

Australian and Taiwanese scientists discovered new molecule to help understanding hydrogen storage

29 July 2014

Australian and Taiwanese scientists have discovered a new molecule which puts the science community one step closer to solving one of the barriers to development of cleaner, greener hydrogen fuel-cells as a viable power source for cars. [ more ]



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