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Visas and migration

If you are travelling to Australia on a Taiwan passport, you will need to arrange an appropriate visa in advance. 


For short-term business or tourism visits to Australia, the best option is usually an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa.  This is processed and issued electronically.  The approvals process takes from a few minutes to a maximum of twelve hours.  You will receive a receipt number (not a sticker) as evidence of the visa issue.  ETAs can be obtained at 27 selected travel agents in Taiwan. 

The full list is here (


If you are planning to study, work, or stay longer or are not sure what kind of visa you need, please check the website of the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in Hong Kong ( to research your options and apply.  The AVAC can be contacted by emailing or telephone +852 2185 6326 (Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00). 

More information about AVAC’s services is available here ( ). 


If you are unable to get through to the AVAC, please call the immigration hotline at the Australian Consulate General, Hong Kong on +852 2585 4139 and leave a message. The voicemail of this hotline is checked daily.  Alternatively, you can send an email to


No matter which visa you travel to Australia on, Taiwan’s consular authorities encourage you to register your details with them so that you can be contacted in case of an emergency.  The registration website is here. (


If you have a Taiwan e-Passport and are aged over 16, you can use Australia’s ‘Smartgate’ (similar to Taiwan’s ‘e-Gate’) entry system at major airports.  On arrival into Australia you may access and pass through the Smartgate system. This makes for shorter queues and smoother border entry for Taiwan passport-holders.


Working Holiday Maker Program

If you are interested in Australia’s Working Holiday Maker visa program, a factsheet is available here.

You can apply for the program directly here.

Additional information for working holiday makers to assist you with your preparations is available in English here and in Chinese here

The aim of the Working Holiday Maker program is to allow you an extended opportunity to holiday in Australia. You may also study short courses of up to four months’ duration, and you may take on paid work to help cover your travel expenses.

You can do any kind of lawful work on your working holiday visa including full-time, part-time, casual, shift and voluntary work, subject to the conditions of your visa (for example, you may only work for one employer for a total of six months). Some useful job-search engines are available here. Working holiday makers are entitled to the same work rights and conditions as all Australians under the Commonwealth Fair Work Act. The Fair Work Ombudsman website provides several web-based tools that can help you understand your pay, entitlements and conditions at work.


Travel insurance is STRONGLY recommended for working holiday makers in Australia.  Medical costs in Australia can be extremely high compared to Taiwan.  A comprehensive policy covering you for theft, loss, accidents and medical treatment for the duration of your time in Australia is essential. If you plan on doing adventure activities such as scuba diving, bushwalking or travelling in remote areas, you should make sure your policy covers you for these activities.

How to Make Enquiries


Department of Home Affairs

Australian Visa Application Centre


+852 2185 6326
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