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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I apply for an Australian visa?

Our office in Seoul, Republic of Korea (South Korea) manages visa services for clients located in Taiwan. The Australian Office Taipei cannot assist with visa information or advice.

Please refer to for details.


Alternatively, you can call the Home Affairs Global Service Centre number on +61 2 6196-0196

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2. What notarial services does the Australian Office (AO) provide?

For a fee, the AO can provide a limited range of notarial services. These include:

  • certifying copies of original documents
  • witnessing signatures on certain documents, including statutory declarations
  • administering affidavitsoaths and affirmations 

Appointment bookings can be made here


3. I’m looking to buy/sell land or property in Australia. Can you witness my signature on a land transfer or mortgage document?

AO consular officers can witness signature(s) on property or finance documents but cannot guarantee that they will be accepted by a third party. All documents must be presented in English.

Land transfer and mortgage document requirements vary between Australian states and territories.

For the AO to witness your land transfer or mortgage document you must bring along written instructions from an Australian legal practitioner, law practice licensed conveyancer, or mortgagee (bank etc.).

Witnessing signature on these documents is available by appointment only.

Please note, by witnessing a signature on a document neither the Australian Government nor the AO guarantees the legal effectiveness of the document or the accuracy of its contents.

The AO will not sign or complete any other 'Identifiers Certificates' or 'Verification of Identity Certificates' for a land transfer or mortgage document. The AO can however complete a DFAT Identity Certificate for you. You should check with your Australian representative what is required, and if the DFAT Identity Certificate is suitable, before visiting the AO.   

We cannot provide advice on what documents need to be witnessed or certified.  


Queensland Government

For information on witnessing a Queensland land transfer document, please refer to the Queensland Government website:

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4. I’m an Australian citizen and I have given birth in Taiwan. How do I apply for an Australian passport for my baby?

There are two steps when applying for a passport for a child born overseas.

1. You will need to apply for an Australian citizenship certificate for your child.

 The Department of Home Affairs provides Visa and Citizenship services to residents of Taiwan. Please refer to:

2. Once you have received the Australian citizenship certificate, you can apply for an Australian passport at the AO. Please refer to our passports page ( and passports website ( ) for details.

You should take into account  DoHA and passport processing times before booking any travel.


5. Can I still vote while I am in Taiwan?

For information about elections in Australia or voting overseas, please refer to the Australian Electoral Commission website where you can check your enrolment online.

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6. How do I get married in Taiwan?

An Australian who wants to marry in Taiwan should confirm the requirements with the Household Registry Office they intend to register their marriage at. For more information about Household Registration Offices, please contact the Department of Household Registration (  


Australians may require an authenticated Australian single status certificate to get married in Taiwan.


Single status certificates are issued by the relevant state/territory registry of births, deaths and marriages. See the following for information on how to obtain a single status certificate:



NT –


SA –



WA –


If the single status certificate needs to be authenticated, please contact the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia for the relevant state/territory ( Please note that the Australian Office does not authenticate documents and does not issue certificates of no impediment to marriage.

More information about foreigners marrying in Taiwan is available on the Department of Household Registration’s website, (please note that this is in Chinese only).


7. How do I register my intention to marry in Australia?

You will need to complete a notice of intended marriage application form ( which can be witnessed by the AO.

Appointment bookings can be made here


8. I’m a dual national. Do I need to complete military service in Taiwan?

To check your military service obligations, please contact the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Offices in Australia ( Seek this advice in writing before leaving Australia and take a copy with you. 

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9. Do I need a visa for Taiwan? If I want to stay longer in Taiwan where should go to apply for my visa?

If you’re in Australia, please contact TECO (  

If you’re in Taiwan, please contact Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) (


10. I’m an Australian and I’ve just move to Taiwan. Where can I get relocation information?

Information for Foreigners is a website for expatriates in Taiwan and provides information on visas, employment, education, health insurance, tax, investment and more. Or contact 1990 for assistance.

The Community Services Centre ( in Taipei provides counselling, life skills program, cross-cultural education and information to meet the needs of the international community in Taipei.