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Australian Bushfire Crisis 2019-20

15 January 2020

This Australian bushfire season, active since September 2019, is unprecedented.  Over 10.3 million hectares have been burnt – an area almost three times the size of Taiwan.

A coordinated response – involving state fire and emergency services, Australian Defence Forces, volunteers and industry – is underway to protect lives and property, and to provide emergency relief for those who have lost homes, power, communications and access to fresh supplies.

The Australian Government has to date committed:

-          AUD 2 billion for families, farmers and business owners affected by the bushfires;

-          AUD 50 million for wildlife protection and restoration efforts;

-          AUD 60 million for local council rebuilding programs;  and

-          AUD 76 million for health support services for emergency personnel and communities.

As of 15 January 2020, easing weather conditions are assisting relief efforts and containment of fires. 

Since September 2019, 28 people have lost their lives, including five volunteer firefighters.  More than 2600 homes have been lost, livestock and farming infrastructure has been severely affected, and millions of wildlife have perished.

The Australian Government continues to receive offers of assistance from the international community.  Offers are being considered in coordination with local agencies and communities. 

Australian authorities have gratefully accepted a donation of health masks from Taiwan.  The Taiwan Red Cross is also receiving donations (in New Taiwan Dollars) to support the Australian bushfire recovery;  the donation purpose should be marked “Australian bushfires”. 

( )

Other Australia-based charities supporting the recovery include:

o   Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery –

o   The Salvation Army Disaster Appeal –

o   St Vincent de Paul Bushfire Appeal –

o   NSW Rural Fire Service

o   Country Fire Association of Victoria

o   South Australia Country Fire Service

o   Wires (injured animals)

Latest information on the Australian bushfires can be found on the ABC News website (   

Taiwanese citizens can also stay up to date with the travel advice issued by the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs at .



Australian Bushfire Fundraiser Event

14 January 2020

The ANZCham - Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, Taipei (ANZCham) and Little Creatures Taipei will join forces to host an Australian Bushfire Fundraiser Event to assist recovery efforts on Thursday 16 January from 6pm. All proceeds raised will go to Australian charities. Join us.

Registration essential:



Taiwan Elections

13 January 2020

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs has released a statement on the Taiwan elections:

Australia congratulates Dr Tsai Ing-wen and her party on her re-election in Taiwan’s elections on 11 January 2020.

Australia also congratulates the people of Taiwan on the peaceful exercise of their democratic rights. The smooth conduct of the elections is a testament to the maturity of Taiwan’s democracy.

Australia looks forward to continuing to work with Taiwan to advance our trade and investment cooperation, education, science and research links, as well as our people-to-people links, which are strong and growing.…/me…/Pages/taiwan-elections-200112.aspx





5 December 2019

The Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan will support 125 emerging leaders from across Australia to live, learn and gain work experience in the Indo-Pacific in 2020. This includes nine university students who have made Taiwan their priority destination. This places Taiwan as the eighth most popular destination.

Deputy Representative Ms Susan Moore said the New Colombo Plan illustrates Australia’s commitment to building cross-cultural understanding and increasing ties with Taiwan.

“We are excited to announce that in 2020, the New Colombo Plan will support 9 high achieving students with scholarships to study and gain professional experience in Taiwan,” Deputy Representative said.

“The New Colombo Plan is an investment in our relationship with Taiwan through Australia’s future leaders. It is an opportunity for scholars to build lasting links with Taiwan and its people.”

New Colombo Plan 2020 Taiwan scholars will study a number of disciplines including Politics and Economics, Mandarin Studies, International Relations, Science, Journalism, Design, Commercial Law, Environment Studies and Gender Studies at National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, Tamkang University and Soochow University.

Scholars will gain invaluable experience in Taiwan through internships, practicums and mentorships with organisations such as CPC, the Taipei City Government, Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation, Baker McKenzie and others.

Ms Moore said private sector engagement is at the core of the New Colombo Plan.

“Upon their return to Australia, scholars bring the benefits of cultural awareness and a global network to their employers,” they said.

“These scholars represent the next generation of Australian leaders. The skills they will gain and friendships they will form are a crucial part of Australia’s future success and engagement with the region.”



Australia-Taiwan Alumni Ideas Challenge Competition

27 September 2019


Taiwanese alumni of Australian institutions are invited to submit a pitch for an idea to build further business and people-to-people links between Australia and Taiwan.

The winner will receive a return international airfare plus up to two Australian domestic airfares and accommodation for up to a week in Australia. The Australian Office will assist in facilitating meetings with appropriate partners and stakeholders in Australia and Taiwan to help implement the plan. 

For more information:



Australian Indigenous artist Bobby Bunungurr and producer Allen Murphy at Taiwan Indigenous Cultural Park

15 November 2019

Don’t miss a chance to hear the music and stories of Australian Indigenous artist Bobby Bunungurr and producer Allen Murphy at 10:30 and 14:30 this Saturday on 16 November at Taiwan Indigenous Cultural Park in Pingtung.

More info: 




Australian artist Ruth Ju-shih Li’s exhibition “FLORILEGIUM” 

15 November 2019

Get along to see Australian artist Ruth Ju-shih Li’s exhibition “FLORILEGIUM” – now on at the Yingge Ceramics Museum in New Taipei City until 20 December.

More info:



Australian Torres Strait Islander dancer Hans Ahwang to perform at Tsai Jui-yueh International Dance Festival 

01 November 2019

Australian Torres Strait Islander dancer Hans Ahwang has returned to Taiwan to perform at this year’s Tsai Jui-yueh International Dance Festival from 1-3 November at the Rose Historic Site in Taipei.

Be sure to get tickets:     More info: 



2019 World Baseball Softball Confederation Premier12 

30 October 2019

Congratulations to Chinese Taipei on winning the Asian Baseball Championship.

Australia’s baseball team looks forward to meeting Venezuela on 2 November and Chinese Taipei on 3 November in Taichung starts at 17:00.

You can purchase tickets here or through Family Mart’s FamiTicket machines (in Taiwan).




2019 Taiwan Pride

25 October 2019

The Australian Office is proud to participate again in Taiwan Pride.

We’ll join the parade on Saturday 26 October to celebrate diversity, equality and "love is love".

We’ll have special Aussie parade flags to share, so come and find us.



2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier match between Australia and Chinese Taipei

3 October 2019

Tickets are on sale for the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier match between Australia and Chinese Taipei on 15 October. Don’t miss your chance to see some great football in Kaohsiung.

You can purchase tickets by following this link

Combined match and high speed rail tickets are available through 7-11 I-bon machines (in Taiwan)

More information via Chinese Taipei Football Association's event page: 



Australian Indigenous singer Gawurra Gaykamangu to perform at the Riverside Live House Ximen 

3 October 2019

Looking forward to hosting Australian Indigenous singer Gawurra Gaykamangu from Arnhem Land in October and his live performance at the Riverside Live House Ximen on 5 October. His Indigenous language songs have received 4.5-star reviews in Rolling Stone Magazine in 2016 and won Northern Territory pop song of the year.

Ticketing info:



"Old Masters" exhibition is coming to Taiwan on 4th of October at the National Taiwan Museum

2 October 2019

The world renowned "Old Masters" exhibition is coming to Taiwan on 4th of October at the National Taiwan Museum. This exhibition introduced from National Museum of Australia presents an outstanding collection of Aboriginal bark paintings from Arnhem Land painters in Australia’s Northern Territory.  The exhibition will run until 9th February 2020.

About the exhibition:



Australia Future Unlimited Education Exhibition

24 September 2019

Australia has been the second most popular destination for Taiwanese students since 2014 - and there are good reasons for this.

Don’t miss our annual Australia Future Unlimited Education Exhibition, where you can meet Australian education experts and hear what Australian education has to offer.

Seeing you at the Taipei New Horizon 6F on 28-29 September, from 13:00 to 17:30.




Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Australia and Taiwan

11 September 2019

Attention Australian alumni in Taiwan. Join us to gain further insights into Australia and Taiwan's entrepreneurship and technology environment from Australia and Taiwan's technology and innovation leaders Leanne Kemp and Jason Hsu.

For registration and more detail: 



Australian documentarian Selina Miles' new film "Martha: A Picture Story " at Taoyuan Film Festival

14 August 2019

Australian documentarian Selina Miles will showcase her new film "Martha: A Picture Story " at this year's Taoyuan Film Festival on 15:30, 26 August and 12:30, 31 August. This documentary narrates the life and work of iconic New York City photographer Martha Cooper, who was one of the few photographers in the 1970s documenting the emerging #graffiti art scene.

Check its trailer:



Australian film ‘Riot’ at the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival

12 August 2019

Heard about the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras? Find out how it all began by watching Australian film ‘Riot’ at the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival. ‘Riot’ tells the story of the individuals who created this world renowned celebration of LGBTQI diversity. Giovanni Campolo-Arcidiaco, Co-Chair of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras will also be on hand to share his thoughts at events on 17-19 August.

Don’t miss out - get your tickets now:    



Help us keep Australia beautiful for everyone to enjoy

25 June 2019

Australia has strict biosecurity laws to protect our pristine natural environment. If you are travelling to Australia, please keep in mind that certain plant, animal or food materials could pose a biosecurity risk and might not be allowed in. Make sure you declare any of these items on your Incoming Passenger Card so that it can be inspected by Australian biosecurity officers. Help us keep Australia beautiful for everyone to enjoy. More info:




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