Australian Office

Australian Representative in Taiwan Mr Robert Fergusson

Mr Robert Fergusson commenced his appointment as Australia’s Representative in Taiwan on 27 November 2023.  Mr Fergusson is a senior career officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  Most recently he served as Assistant Secretary, Indonesia Branch in the Office of South-East Asia.  His previous roles include Assistant Secretary Cabinet Ministerial and Parliamentary Branch (2020-2021) and as Senior Adviser to Foreign Minister on North Asia and South-East Asia (2013-2016).  He has additional experience working on the Pacific, counter-terrorism and security issues.  

Mr Fergusson was Ambassador to Chile and Ecuador (2017-2020), Counsellor (Political Strategic) in Beijing (2009-2012), Consul at the Australian Consulate-General in Hong Kong (2001-2004), and Second Secretary Economic at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta (1996-1998). 

Prior to joining DFAT, Mr Fergusson was a commercial lawyer in Sydney.  He holds a degree in Law and Arts (Indonesian) from the University of Sydney and a Masters Degree (International Law) from ANU.  He is married and has three children.