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National Innovation and Science Agenda


National Innovation and Science Agenda




Did you know that despite having only 0.3 per cent of the world’s population, Australia contributed to over four per cent of world research publications in 2017? Australia is recognised globally for its high-quality research. Currently, Taiwanese organisations can work with Australian partners to bid for:




·        up to $50,000 under the Global Connections Fund Bridging Grants. Grants are designed as seed funding capital to enable viable projects to grow in scope and scale, test commercialisation and proof-of-concept activities. In 2019 there will be one final round of Bridging Grants under this current Global Connections Fund program. Bridging Grants open for eligibility testing from 0900hr (AEST) on the 3rd June 2019 and this phase closes at 1700 hr (AEST) on the 17th June 2019. All Bridging Grant applications are time stamped and must be received by 17.00 hr (AEST) on the 1st July 2019. No late applications will be accepted. 




Priority areas are:


·        Advanced manufacturing;


·        Food and agribusiness;


·        Medical technologies and pharmaceutical;


·        Mining equipment, technology and services;


·        Oil, gas and energy resources.




Further information about partnering with Australia on innovation, science and research can be found in the 'Partnering with Australia on Innovation, Science and Research' booklet.  This booklet outlines the range of opportunities for international organisations and individuals to partner with Australia on cutting-edge innovation, science and research.


For more detail please contact the Policy Unit, Economic and Policy Section, Australian Office in Taipei, via tel: 02 8725 4133 (Ms Ko) or 02 8725 4125 (Ms Hsu).