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National Innovation and Science Agenda


National Innovation and Science Agenda


Did you know that Australia contributed to over four per cent of world research publications in 2017 despite having only 0.3 per cent of the world’s population?

Australia is recognised globally for its high-quality research. Between 2011 and 2015 Australia and Taiwan co-authored 903 publications, making Australia the ninth ranked co-publication partner with Taiwan.


The Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda

Under the Global Innovation Strategy of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, the Australian Government encourages collaboration with international partners, including businesses, researchers and research organisations from Taiwan. The Government supports a number of avenues for Australian and Taiwanese collaboration.


The Australian Government’s Global Innovation Linkages program provides Australian businesses and researchers with funding of up to A$1 million per project to collaborate with global partners on strategically focused, leading-edge research and development. 

Under Global Innovation Linkages program, Australian PV Institute Limited was awarded A$1 million over four years to collaborate with global partners to develop cheaper, stronger solar cells using advanced manufacturing equipment. One of the global partners is the Taiwan-based, worldwide solar energy system company SAS Sunrise.

Applications for the Global Innovation Linkages program are now closed.


The Global Connections Fund supports global Small and Medium Enterprise–researcher collaboration through its two components, Priming Grants and Bridging Grants. Under the rounds conducted to date, three Priming Grants have been awarded for collaboration with project partners from Taiwan:

·       A researcher from the University of Tasmania collaborated with Oceanlinx Group (a SME based in Taiwan) for technological advancement of oscillating water column marine renewable energy devices.

·       The Australian Lychee Growers Association engaged with a researcher/technical specialist in Taiwan. Australia has the geological strength to supply ‘off-season’ lychees to partner markets.

·       A researcher from the University of Queensland engaged with a Taiwan-based SME, the Green Energy Limited, to convert Australian agricultural waste biomass into high-value chemicals and commercial products.

Applications for the Global Connections Fund are now closed.


The Regional Collaborations Programme (RCP) funds eligible Australian applicants to collaborate with regional and international science, research and innovation partners on solutions to shared regional challenges within the Asia–Pacific region.

Applications for the Regional Collaborations Programme are now closed.


Further information about partnering with Australia on innovation, science and research can be found in the 'Partnering with Australia on Innovation, Science and Research' booklet.  This booklet outlines the range of opportunities for international organisations and individuals to partner with Australia on cutting-edge innovation, science and research.


For more detail please contact the Policy Unit, Economic and Policy Section, Australian Office in Taipei, via tel: 02 8725 4133 (Ms Ko) or 02 8725 4125 (Ms Hsu).