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Australian Representative Jenny Bloomfield Video Message - Transcript


Representative Jenny Bloomfield Video Message - Transcript

07 July 2023

Video Message


Full Transcript (English translation) 

Hello everyone, I am Jenny Bloomfield. 

As Australia’s Representative, it has been an honour to contribute to the Australia-Taiwan relationship. 

Over the past three years, I have seen first-hand Taiwan’s rich diversity and resilience and I have experienced the warmth, friendship, support and hospitality of the Taiwanese people. 

Despite challenges, the Australia-Taiwan relationship is stronger than ever. 

We share values, rich Indigenous histories and cultures, open, diverse societies and a commitment to a peaceful, stable and prosperous region. 

We have long-standing business links, and the close connections between our peoples enrich our culture, making our societies more resilient and our economies more prosperous. 

I am also pleased to have the opportunity to experience Taiwan’s natural beauty, cultural diversity and Taiwan’s commitment to its democracy and freedoms. 

Taiwan’s achievements are worthy of admiration and respect. 

Though I will soon be departing Taiwan, we will remain friends with Taiwan for life, and Taiwan will always be in my heart. 

Thank you, and hope to meet again!