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Joint Statement - Update on the Australia-Taiwan English Language Learning Partnership and Action Plan



Update on the Australia-Taiwan English Language Learning Partnership and Action Plan

Joint Statement

20 July 2023


The Australian Office values its partnership with the National Development Council and the Ministry of Education to strengthen cooperation on English language learning and skills development under our English Language Learning Partnership and Action Plan, and reports on progress achieved to date.

Since launching the Australia-Taiwan English Language Learning Partnership Action Plan on 17 August 2022, we have promoted a range of English language learning initiatives and further deepened our close education, vocational training and youth links.

We have accelerated the development of English language higher education in Taiwan.  Australian universities have provided training to Taiwanese teachers, enhancing their English language teaching skills.  Several Taiwanese institutions have aligned with Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) curricula and are establishing new partnerships on vocational training.  Taiwanese and Australian universities have also signed joint degree agreements, opening up new pathways for students to pursue bilingual education across borders.

We have made progress in optimising the English language learning environment in Taiwan’s primary and secondary schools.  Australian universities have delivered online training to primary and secondary school teachers in Taiwan, enhancing their English-language teaching skills.  Australia has hosted Taiwanese primary and secondary school students to participate in English-language immersion programs.  We also deepened institutional links including sister school relationships and student, teacher and academic and professional exchanges.

Across these and many other areas, we have worked to deepen our close education and youth linkages and strengthen international competitiveness in the process.

In the future, the Australian Office will continue to look for further opportunities to partner with Taiwanese institutions to enhance the digital learning environment for English learners in Taiwan; expand the provision of English proficiency testing; and support the development of Taiwan’s bilingual workforce and vocational education and training sector.

The Australian Office looks forward to hosting the 2023 Study in Australia Education Exhibition in September this year, and we are pleased to welcome over 42 Australian education providers who will participate.   This Exhibition provides an opportunity for prospective students and local education agents to learn more about Australia as a quality international study destination.

Australia is one of the most multicultural and multilingual societies in the world, as well as among the world’s top destinations for international education.  This makes Australia a natural partner for Taiwan as it takes forward its English language learning goals.  Australia’s world-leading English language education providers have a long record of successful English language teaching for people from a wide diversity of backgrounds.  Australia’s vocational training programs are world-class and help produce a highly skilled and trained workforce for the future.