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AO Ask Uniroos: Kaity from the weight lift team

AO Ask Uniroos is a series of mini-interviews with Australian young athletes, administrative managers and local volunteers who are attending the Taipei 2017 Universiade. This time, we catch up with Kaity from the weight lift team.


What sports do you play?

Weight lifting.


How many hours do you train each week?

More than 20 hours a week.


What’s your impression of Taiwan before coming here?

I didn’t know much, but I hope I will get time to explore the city.


What are the things you are most looking forward to while visiting Taiwan?

Winning the games. And I hope I can look around and explore the city.


Can you feel the difference between Taipei and your hometown?

The humidity in Taipei is so high.


Apart from Universiade, what else do you look forward to in Taiwan?

Maybe night market.


Any exotic food you want to try? How about stinky tofu?

I have no clue which food I am going to try. Stinky tofu? Maybe.


Any dream athlete you wish to have a photo taken with?

No idea this moment.