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Life After WHM Series: Salesman at Travel4U Travel Agency, Hannibal Wang

Hannibal Wang who lives in Kaohsiung went to Australia to undertake working holiday maker program to look for adventures and new opportunities during 2013-15.  One of our colleagues caught up with Hannibal when she was undertaking a bike tour across Taiwan’s Eastern Valley.  Hannibal was then the leader of the bike tour for Giant Bike Travel.  During the tour, Hannibal constantly shared his positive working holiday maker experiences with bikers from all around the world.  This interview was the result of the encounter.  


Q: What kind of job did you do when undertaking WHM program in Australia?

A: Meat packaging, stacker driver and tour guide.   


Q: Where did you spend most of your time in Australia?

A: Queensland and Western Australia


Q: How has WHM experiences influenced you?

A: I began my WHM journey quite smoothly.  A couple of friends went to Australia ahead of me, I found my first job through their help.  Since I was working as a tour guide in Cairns, I’ve started to realise my strong interests in working for travel and tourism industry.   After I had gone through some challenges in Australia, I am now more experienced and mature.  My WHM experiences also taught me that life is short, we’ll have to take every opportunity to explore and enjoy life.       


Q: What did you miss the most about Australia?

A: The landscape of Australia’s outback, and the Australian value of respecting and valuing their employees.


Q: Any advice you could provide to potential WHMs to Australia:

A: Safety is the most important thing.  Before my WHM journey to Australia, I was fearless.  Until one day one of my co-workers at the meat factory had a serious car accident.  Following the accident, he suffered from severe brain damage.  Since then I’ve started to realise what fear feels like.  I always share this story wherever I meet any new WHMs or backpackers.  I also reckon that the ability to learn problem-solving skill is more important than the language ability.